Project Description

Simplement plus verte la ville!

21 mars, 19.00-22.00, cave du rocher, La Chaux-de-Fonds

During our green hands evening, about thirty people had the opportunity to meet Martin Brüngger, a mountain seeder. His seeds and seedlings adapted to our climate made us dream! The examples of small pumpkin “Jack be little” or yellow beans, not to mention chard chops, were enough to motivate every Chaux-de-Fonnier to grow their own vegetable! Therefore, everyone put “their hands to the ground” with enthusiasm! This beautiful energy finally led to discussions about community composts, insect hotels, garden contests, shared garden, gardens in public places, and many other projects. These wonderful ideas may come to reality soon as some of them intend to meet soon to discuss them in detail and make all this happen! The goal of seeing more flowers on balconies and vegetable gardens is therefore on the right track! Many participants promise us “we gonna grow our own vegetables on our balconies”! We can’t wait for this summer! It’s thus a real success for the evening “simplement plus verte la ville”!