Project Description

Simply more #plastic fasting

25 maggio 2019, 09.30-14.00, VBD, Dorfstrasse 18, Davos

Davos’ “bring&take” day set the scene to introduce zero-waste to the Davoser people. Three rounds of hands-on workshops toothpaste and beewax-wraps, kept more than 50 people, among which many children, really busy while others enjoyed a zero-waste drink and snacks and learned more about zero-waste in general and in Davos!

Only 4 ingredients in this toothpaste, 16 in a regular …  while making our toothpaste, interesting discussions developed around the pros and cons. But having something more natural, which you can see, put in a glass jar, costs little and you can supplement with fluoride tabs, or add Xylit to, was a great thing for most!

While enjoying home-baked cakes, icetea, mint-water and lemon-salted popcorn near our zero-waste info-boards led to reactions such as “Thanks for reminding us how much we can already buy without plastic in Davos, for example in the Bioladen” and “Hey what a cool new initiative, such as Der Bastelschrank and”. Other people finally made the connection between UP and the various projects such the RepairCafé.

Conclusion: it was a fun, positive event that got many people together who shared a new experience but also tips with each other; plus 2 new volunteers came forward. The main message on how to do your shopping with minimal waste in mind, was well-received: 1) always have your own jars and bags with you, 2) think well about what you need and what you can buy where!

Thanks to the city for having invited us to organise this event!