Project Description

Lucky Wheel: Ziel Zukunft Biennale

6th of july 2019, Matthausmarkt &Wettsteinbrücke Rheinufer, Basel

As part of the Ziel Zukunft Biennale, UP was on the road with a fortune-wheel which passers-by could spin and select one for their sustainable summer … spin yourself lucky!

Our homemade wheel of fortune has 16 numbers; on a sign there were 16 “less = more” suggestions, for example “I buy myself a cool refillable drinking bottle and enjoy the Basel summer with tasty well water” or “I inform myself about worm compost” etc.

As soon as a suitable resolution was found, participants received a stamped postcard prepared by us, which they can address to themselves with their resolution. One month after the event, the postcards go to the post office and remind people of their intentions in a loving, humorous way.

After 3 months we will contact the participants via email to inquire if they need support in realizing their resolutions and to raffle 3 prizes among them. 85 people took part in our event, and 43 postcards were written, including one to Costa Rica 🙂