Project Description

Wolke 7 – Einfach mehr Liebe!

14 février 2019, 11:00-20:00, muba (Halle 2), Bâle

What is Valentine’s Day really about? We find it about appreciation and gratitude towards people, animals, and plants who make our lives rich with their special way, colors and abilities. Following an invitation from AUE Basel to present ourselves as a “role model for a world of tomorrow” for one day at their stand at MUBA/NOW in Basel, we approached Valentine’s Day in a different way. Under a huge pink cloud, visitors to our stand could experience the positive qualities of our partly inconspicuous wild animal and plant neighbors from the region, which were printed as illustrations on our beautiful Valentine’s cards. Whether dandelion or earthworm – we have shown that their positive properties are in no way inferior to the good character traits of our loved ones. Accordingly, visitors could write heart words for a loved one of their choice on one of the cards hanging under the pink cloud and take them with them as presents. The event was a huge success: over 200 Valentine’s cards were filled out at our stand.