UP - Environmental Platform


At UP, we want a world in which we have all adopted sustainable lifestyles.


Our concept? The Pop-UP events where organisations and people get together, act and co-create for sustainability.


Your needs are at the heart of our approach. During events, you play an active role, network and exchange while having tremendous fun!


That's how innovative and exciting project ideas emerge, which we then help you to implement!

In the past 12 months UP has managed to


Organise almost 50 events which engaged 1800 participants in 8 different cities;


Get 350 people to act for sustainability, who themselves said not to have been engaged before, plus another 500 who where only passively engaged;

Collaborate with and link up over 100 local organisations;


Incubate 7 sustainability projects that where launched by participants after having attended our events and are still ongoing.

Today we want to


motivate even more young adults to live sustainably;


create better synergies between organisations working on or interested in sustainability;


support further stakeholders in meeting their sustainability challenges, among which companies, NGOs and public offices.




Upcoming pop-UP Events

Join us!

Each event is co-created by people like you!


You want to contribute to a more sustainable society, but you don’t know where to begin and have little time? You've come to the right place! Just drop by one of our events and get inspired!

You have a good idea for a sustainable future, but no people to work on it with? Send us your suggestion, and we will gather people around you to tackle it! 

You have more than 2 hours to spare and want to co-organise an event? Bring the pop-UP events to your city or join an existing local group!

For organisations



We support companies, NGOs and public offices in meeting their sustainability challenges.


Our pop-UP events allow us to meet the needs of various stakeholders and lay the ground for the implementation of project ideas.


We are currently working on projects with WWF Switzerland, Global Compact Switzerland and the BOOST programme of the University of Basel.

Who we are

We are a politically and denominationally neutral non-profit association.




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Contact us via info@umweltplattform.ch

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