Project Description

Locarno rifiuti zero: semplicemente più idee per la tua vita!

3 febbraio 2019, 14:00 – 17:00, FEVI Locarno

Around  150 happy people from Locarno and surroundings who now know different ways to produce less waste. How cool! Goal of our zero-waste event of February 3rd at FEVl: more awareness of the “zerowaste” and the reasons why. 3 concrete workshops allowed people from 5 to 85 to make their own products – things that they can also do at home. And there was a lot of inspiration in the form of more recipes, tips and people. People like Sandra who gave the workshop around zero-waste aperitivo and Fabiano from the Zero Waste shop Lugano. Sandra managed to reduce her family’s waste with more than half, through simple methods! The “eventing” aperitivo workshop invited people to make a simple yet culinary snack from home-made popcorn AND lemon-salt from fresh lemons. The whole room smelled of it! People had a lot of fun at the “morning” workshop making their own toothpaste. Also the fabric softener with lavander or orange essentials was a big hit. The afternoon workshop run by BeecoWraps had people making their own beeswax-wraps in a really simple way – beeswax pastilles, cotton cut your size, oven paper and start ironing! Afterwards they could feel the difference with the Beeco wraps. All-in-all a great afternoon of new inputs and enjoyment! P.s. More recipes can be found on TAACblog.