Project Description

Ecorun Locarno –
Semplicemente più divertimento con il plogging

3. November 2018, 09:30-12 – Locarno, @Lido

On November 3rd, the rain did not discourage the participants of the UP event from collecting over 12.5 kg of waste from the streets of Locarno with such joy and good humor!

In the morning, the participants formed two groups of adults and children, who on the way in the area of Lido di Locarno, have collected a lot of waste on the street, and then separate and recycle them. This event ended with a fantastic aperitif, during which tasty smoothies were prepared with fruit and vegetables that would no longer be sold, but that were kindly provided by local farmers.

Our intention was to show that picking up the trash is not a dirty job, but it is actually quite satisfying and makes us useful and happy. At the same time we also wanted to prevent more waste from ending up in our rivers and lakes.

Protecting nature and exercising outdoors was a unique combination, which the participants were especially excited and happy to have contributed in. The plogging event was such a success that it will be repeated during next spring.