Project Description

Disco soupe Locarno: semplicemente più iniziative contro lo spreco del cibo!

Ristorante vegetariano Govinda, Locarno. 19:00-22:00

The event was a great success and a great moment of conviviality and exchange between the 20 participants. All together we prepared and tasted a delicious soup made with vegetables and leftover bread, offered by local shops, farmers and bakers.

Remi, a young owner of an organic bulk store in Locarno, gave us an optimistic view of the changes taking place worldwide to improve the situation in terms of food waste.

Cinzia Pradella, an environmental educator, told us about her interesting experiences with educational activities on food waste with classes in Ticino.

In particular, the participants showed astonishment and consternation by feeling how much food is thrown away every day in our country and in the world.

The Disco soupe was such a success that the participants decided to form a working group to regularly organize such events in Locarno.